Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center


Visitor Information

Tuscaloosa VAMC serves Veterans in West Alabama. In addition to our main medical center in Tuscaloosa, we offer a number of services to our patients at the Selma, Alabama Outpatient Clinic.

Waiting Areas

For your convenience and safety, we have special waiting areas throughout the facility.


Tuscaloosa VAMC has a Police Service. Our officers provide 24-hour patrols of the facility and parking lots. For general police assistance, please dial 2685. Report all suspicious or criminal activity, vehicle accidents, and personal property losses to the VA Police while on the facility grounds as soon as possible.

Because the VA Medical Center is federal property, all persons and bags are subject to search. In addition, no weapons, alcohol, or illegal drugs are permitted.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found can be reached by calling (205) 554-2000 then asking operator to be transferred to this area.


A nondenominational chapel is located Building 46. Protestant Worship Services and Catholic Mass are held on a regular basis. Please contact Chaplain Service at extension 2054 for additional information or to speak with one of our chaplains.